Tuesday 16 June 2020
Leader Bank Pavilion
Buy Tickets for Alice Cooper, Tesla & Lita Ford at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Alice Cooper, Tesla & Lita Ford

Alice Cooper, Tesla & Lita Ford


Let the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion stage rock with Alice Cooper, Tesla and Lita Ford on June 16, Sunday. Known in the music industry for over 50 years, Alice Cooper is the American singer and songwriter and even actor distinct for his one of a kind voice. He made a mark in the heavy metal and hard rock music industry and each of his performance is made really iconic with props like fake blood, electric chairs and even guillotines. Not every artist can give a performance like Alice Cooper. Believe it or not, he is even named the Godfather of Shock Rock and by shock rock, it means that he actually shocks the people with his intense, theatrical acts on stage. Alice Cooper was originally launched as a band but eventually Cooper or Vincent Damon Furnier in real life, eventually began his solo career. His latest EP entitled Breadcrumbs was released in 2019.

Originated from Sacramento, California, Tesla’s members include Brian Wheat, Frank Hannon, Troy Luccketta, Jeff Keith and Dave Rude. Their music is also known to dominate the hard rock and heavy metal genre. To date, they have actually sold 14 million copies of their albums in the entire United States. Their latest discography is entitled Shock and was released in 2019.

Lita Ford is a musician and songwriter from Los Angeles, California, known in the glam metal and punk rock music industry. She started in the industry back in the year 1975 at the age of 16, as a part of the all female rock band called The Runaways. She eventually launched her solo career in 1980 then went in hiatus from 1980 until 2007 as she focused on her family. She then returned to performing after that and the latest album she released was entitled Time Capsule back in 2016.

With these top quality performers in one act, we’re definitely sure that you would not want to miss this so get your tickets now.



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